Sunday, May 22, 2011

Codes Done, It's Rules Time

So, for my previous previous post, i supplied you with two codes. The first one, use your common sense. And for the second one, know your reason of being alive. Other than that, don't forget the two P's. What are they again?

PRECAUTION & PREPARATION. Or the other way around.

Well, since you've got the codes and the 2P's in your head now, i shall start with the Rules&Regulations of being alive. Yea, right. I'm not starting with the 2R's. They're just gonna be called rules.

What are rules?

Rules are a list of somethings that you may or may not like but still have to follow it, just like school rules. Though the phrase 'rules are meant to be broken' is true, but that obviously is referring to school rules or some other rules of something that has simply no help in in your survival. So, in order to stay alive and not die because you became the appetizer of one of them zombies, live by the rules that i'm just about to give you.

Rule no.1---Have Complete Preparation
Yes, i know, it's somewhat the same as the 2P's. But in here, i'll explain it in more details and won't leave you with question marks all over you face. Preparation.

What does that mean?
It means being prepared, only being more prepared than what you'd normally do to prepare. I know it sounds silly, but hey, believe it or not, without the right preparation, you might as well be named 'dead man walking'.

What to prepare?
What do humans need to survive? FOOD. And WATER, of course. As you can see from my previous post about the CDC, the chances of zomb apocalypse are sure as hell not getting lower, and they've also told us to prepare for it. So, might as well take the PRECAUTION. Better safe than sorry yea? Okay, other than those two, what other things do we need? WEAPONS.

What kind of weapons?
Weapons are probably something that you cannot not have during this disaster. Without it, i'm sorry, you won't last very long in this world. And that is why, keep a baseball bat that you can swing and hit out the brains of them zombs, long swords to injure or slice off their heads then stab it into their brain or golf clubs that would probably cause a bad, broken jaw. If you can't kill them, at least make some time by injuring them, so that you can escape. Don't assume that you can take on them with your bare hands even if you were a black-belt karate expert. Your hand would be gone if you did that.

Also, some people, well, most people would most probably say electricity. Why? Because, no electricity means no air-conditioning, and no AC means HELL. The thing is if this becomes reality, shortage of electricity will be the LEAST of your problems. Okay, back to what to prepare. Food, water and let's not forget, SHELTER. Shelter is as important as food and water if you're stuck in this kind of hell hole. Maybe if you don't have a shelter now, it's fine. But imagine if you don't have a place to sleep or do whatever while cannibals that are out to have every piece of meat of yours roaming around. Try sleeping by the roadside, then it's Adios Amigo! So, shelter is important.

Alright, food and water are basic needs of human, so if you find shelter, it'll probably solve your food supply problems too since wherever someone lives, there are bound to be food there. Anyways, the problem is:

How to find shelter?
Actually, it's just another correct preparation thing. First, let me ask you a question. Where do you live? It's not the address that i want.. What i want is, for you to think deep about where you live. Think deep by remembering all the details of your home's surrounding, like on the road to your house, are they any crossroads? What do you see after the crossroads? What about the houses? Are there any houses that are more secure, that can ensure your safety? Other than that, it's good if you can also remember the details around town. It'll make your road to survival a teeny less harder. By the way, finding shelter is not just find a house, get inside and lock the door kind of thing. Find the wrong house, you're dead meat, literally. Find the right house, hallelujah!

Wrong house, right house?
How do you recognize the right house? The right house has no dogs or alarm system, far away from the big roads, barricaded by walls or gates, and has a good escape hatch in it. No dogs and no alarm system means silence. And silence=no attention. No attention=survival. Get it? Same thing goes for far away from big roads. If you couldn't find a place without dogs and is distant from big roads, look for a place that looks like a fortress. Walls and gates that barricades the surrounding is the best. And if you find that perfect house locked, refer to code 1, which is USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. Don't make too much noise and DO NOT FORCE ENTRY. You either climb over it, or break the lock and find something else as strong to hold the gates together. Whatever you do, don't let your barricade fall. Another thing is the escape hatch. Find a way to escape to somewhere safe temporarily from the house if something really does happen. Make sure that it's effective and SAFE. The wrong house is obviously the opposite of the right house. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Only take up what you have to, when YOU HAVE TO. A minor mistake can lead to the end of your life.

So, preparation. Get maps, watches, walkie-talkies, torch lights too. It'll give you much help. Just remember to think ahead so that the chances of getting your ass eaten would be lower. PEACE. Btw, i don't know what's wrong with my text color, it's gone haywire. So, it'd probably be white from now on.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I've got the new info about zomb apocalypse. There is now a higher chance that it would happen. I'm not stating that it's gonna happen and i'm 101% sure about that. No, i did not say that, and i hope that i'll never have to say that, but what i've got here is something that's really convincing and it chills my bones from the skull to the bones of my toes. NO SHIT.

Ever heard of CDC? I assume that you haven't heard of it if you're one of those total-zombie-fan maniacs. If you aren't one of those people, and you still haven't heard of it, well, i'm here to tell you. And what i tell, is the truth. Well, maybe the other updates are just theories and tips, but i ain't joking in this one. Okay, cut the crap and i'll tell you right away. CDC is short for Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you think i'm messing with you, then Google them if you want.

So, CDC are a United States federal agency under the Department of Health and Human Services headquartered in Druid Hills, unincorporated Dekalb country, Gerogia, near Atlanta. Still think i'm joking around? Anyways, if you believe me, then don't laugh when i tell you that they've just recently listed out the list of disasters that may take place soon and ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE is in there too, along with tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and whatever else.

It's definitely not a joke, because the CDC don't joke around. And here's a picture to prove the existance of this place.
If this is still has not satisfied you, screw yourself.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zombie Survival Code

Greetings, readers or reader. As you can see up there, my topic today is well, about surviving a zombie breakout. Yea, no kidding, dude. This is for realz. Zombie Survival 101 is out there, somewhere, but i'm not so lucky as i didn't have a chance to meet up with the book. What a pity, eh?

Okay. Back to the topic, guys. There are indeed a lot of ways to survive in hell, depends on what kind of hell you're in. But for now, just stick like glue with a zomb outbreak as your make-believe 'hell'. First of all, if you wanna survive this *bull*, you must first have something very, very essential to all human being. COMMON SENSE. So, yes. First survival code, use your common sense and LOGIC all the way. A way to test whether your common sense is running, is to just imagine that you just robbed a bank and now, you're on the roof of the bank, looking down from the 10 stories high buliding which is the bank. You look for a way to escape, but all you see is- nothing, just the floor of the road, way, way down there. So, do you just give your luck a shot and jump down with your eyes closed or climb down slowly from level to level like Spiderman? If you chose climbing down slowly, congratulations. You just might have a chance on survival. If you chose otherwise, i'm sorry. It's either you're too naive or you just love the risk.

After the first code, there's always a second code. So, here it is. Second code. It has nothing much to do with your brains now, i guess. But, you'd still need to leave your common sense button on. Go with the zonbie survival rules i'll give to you sooner or later. Anyways,

What would you do if a zomb outbreak occurred?

Think about it. If you gave a logical and smart answer like 'search for food' or 'search for weapons', you're in the green zone. But, if you chose something like 'headshots those f-ing creatures' or 'i'll save the world', sorry, you're deep in the red zone. And that's what i'm here for, to teach you how to get a 'get-out-of-jail free card' in this situation. Even if you could survive this shit, wouldn't hurt to know more, yea?

I'll teach you more 'bout that sometime later then. PEACE

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Dangers of Zombs

Why must we steer clear of those mindless, disgusting creatures? Because they're dangerous. More than dangerous.

If a Zomb Apocolypse really does happen, everywhere you go, danger follows you like a dead-obsessed stalker. The 'safe' word is no more found in our profound dictionaries, only 'survival'.

One of the terms of surviving is knowing what jeopardises your life. In this case, it's zombs. What do they do to jeopardise our life? They make you into one of THEM, one of those idiotic cannibals that has not even one strand of humanity left in them, unlike vamps. They don't have any memories or common sense in them. The only thing they're aware of is how disease-free human like us smell like, and that's exactly how they detect us. After they find us, don't ever head their to their direction, even if you recognise a zomb, don't go, 'Hey, isn't that Daddy?' and run to the zomb direction yelping 'DADDY!', thinking that your used-to-be-daddy will welcome your approach with a warm hug and a peck on the cheek. Don't even dream about that. All you're gonna get is a bite on your skin that will give you the disease, that's all.

There are many ways for the disease to find it's way to you. A bite, scratch, saliva, any in contact with the dirty DNA, and you'll find yourself having a flu and then a killer headache caused by the high fever in the next 4 hours or so. There is NO cure. After suffering for more than 4 hours of pain, it's goodbye to your old life as you emerge as a freshly born, human-flesh-crave zombie.

One of the worse things that can ever happen to someone in life is death, but that's not the worst. The worst is not being able to stay dead, and that leads you to either zombs or vamps. Same thing. They're two types of creatures in this world (some exist only in people's mind), and they're either alive or dead. But somewhere in between, 'undead' popped up. That word means neither dead, nor alive. So, if you're an 'undead', you can say that you're nothing.

There are no strong proof for being an 'undead', and that is why being 'undead' means being a nothing, not existing in people's eyes. Hell, I'm not really sure what I'm trying to say. Okay, they're dangerous. Yea, stick to that.

To give zombs a permenant death, you either slice their head off and kick 'em far, far away like a soccer ball full with cockroaches, or you poke something sharp and hard through their ugly, probably olily and pimpled forehead. Just make sure whatever you do, break their skull. They don't bother much even if you tear their lower part off, continously kicking at their gut or knocking the bonkers out of thier *very sensitive part*. Even if you say something offensive about their moms, they couldn't care less. Only thing they would possibly care about, is YOU.

Cheese n' wedges. Don't flatter yourself. No point to that.

They care about your flesh, not you. So, keep your cool, man. Don't even think about rubbing your whole body with cow or dog poop just so you think that zombs can't smell ya apart. They can and they will. And no, even your own faeces won't work either. But hey, if you used their own personal scent, yea, i'm referring to the 'Zombie Scent', you could walk past them without trouble. That's s tip.

Kay. That's it for now. Smell ya later... or not.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Zombie Time

Well, well, well. Enough talk about good ol' not-so-scary vamps. Let's move the spotlight to flesh eating and human-for-buffets loving cannibals, the zombs!

There is really not that much to talk about zombies. Most of the people who actually visits this blog already have half the knowlesge about them. Okay, so i'll start with the basic question when you tune into a zombie movie- Are they real? Answer: probably, yea. If you have doubt about this, I'm just gonna have to proove you wrong. Please, don't mind much about my need to proove people wrong, just enjoy the whatever.

Anyway, zombs are real not because I said so, but because scientist around the world, mostly in the European country says so. Yes, THEY said so. And yes, there are always proof to back them up. But now is not the time to debate about the existance of zombs, it is the time to get ready for whatever that's gonna happen in the next few years. My friends, do take precaution.

As y'all know, Japan was hit by a major earthquake of 8.2 magnitude which caused an even major tsunami with the wave as high as 9 stories just recently. If you don't know nich about that, you're already done in this world, hon. So, that only leads to one thing. Earth is in CRITICAL condition. By the time we know it, natural disasters are taking part in every part of the world with no exception. It pains me dearly to have to say that no where in the world is imune to this 'rampage' happening to earth.

This gigantic quake went as far as Hawaii, just from Japan. Do you see the great distance between those two places? And just how many more places were in between them? All were shaken. They either felt the earth below their feet shake unstaeadily or were in the situation where everything in town is tumbling over, taking away lifes of hundreds and hundreds of people. Now, do you believe me that anything can happen?

Our home is no more a stable and safe place to be in. The end of days is near. Nothing can prevent that. So, what does zombs have anything to do with the end of the world? Easy. Ever heard of Zombie Apocolypse? Yes, that is one of the many natural disasters in the long list of it-could-happen-during-the-end-of-days.

Don't get it? Okay, when the end is near, people like us, we have these theories banging in our heads, convincing our minds to believe that the theories we made about what could happen, would really indeed happen in real life. And that's really bad. Example, a random guy thinks that the Earth is gonna be destroyed by a meteor, another random girl thinks that it's because of the evil princess of the little-fantasy-world-of-an-immature-girl became the Queen and all hell broke lose. Get it? They have theories and zombs surfacing the world is one of the well-known theories.

Don't think that something as stupid as a Zombie Apocolypse is never ever gonna happen, because the things that are least predicted always seem to happen. I'm not saying it's gonna be awesome if it really does happen, i'm just like everyone else, telling my own side of the theories. So, zombs.

It may be one of the natural or not-so-natural disasters that's gonna happen. So, do your best for preparation. No matter what happens in the near future, you gotta take the two P's. PRECAUTION and PREPARATION . Only those two things can ensure your survival. Live by them, and you might just win yourself an out-of-hell free card.

Okay, maybe i got a little carried away about this natural disaster thing and totally forgot about the zomb things that i was gonna tell you in this update. Well, I'll make it up to you in the next update then. Until then, keep in mind about the double P's. Bring them to your dreams and keep them there permantly like it's a burn at the back of your head.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Turning To A Vampire

So, I've finally arrived on the post about turning into a vamp. If you want a full guide, you should hit the bookstore and check out 'How To Be A Vampire' by Amy Gray. It's the best guide book I've seen so far, only a few things about it is fiction. Alright, so here's the changing process.

Wanna become a creature of the night? Well, then you should be on a lookout for a vamp. It's impossible for a change without the blood of a vamp. So, if you've succeeded on finding a vamp, you either cut them and let their blood trickle down into a cup or let them give you a hard, painful kiss on the neck. Make sure you take enough amount of blood, 300 milillitre minumum, or else you're gonna become a half vamp for all eternity.

If you enjoy and prefer the more traditional way of turning, then, choose the Vampire's Kiss. Either way, it's still gonna sting like hell once the vampiric blood hits your heart. The pain will last for only a few minutes, and then you'll notice that you're starting to recover from any injuries you've ever suffered. The next 24 hours is essential and you better steer clear of humans or sunlight as you're in the process of changing. If you come in contact with sunlight, then you'll probably become a half vamp. The Sun sucks out some of the vampiric cells and blood, therefore leaving you as an unfinished vamp.

Why steer clear of humans? Because of their blood. While you're still changing, you're slowly becoming a vamp. You feel what a vamp would feel, your instincts grow sharper than ever, you have the strength of a gorrilla and you're gonna wanna jump up and down full with energy. What I'm saying is that, you're gonna have the CRAVE. Crave for what? BLOOD, duh. And no one's gonna be able to stop you as you're at the most powerful state at that time. One faint scent can send you running and tearing out people's throats. So, it's the best if you're alone during this process.

And that's how you become a FULL vamp and HALF vamp. Since I'm already in this topic, might as well explain the differences that lie between them.

First of, a full vamp. I know that everyone who has interests in them will know this but it won't to explain once more, will it? So, full vamps have superhuman abilities, so does half vamps. The difference is that full vamps has the better quality of it. Actually, full vamps are better in the quality of almost anything, 'cept from able to be under the sun. Example: half vamps can run fast, full vamps can run FASTER. Half vamps can carry a car, full vamps can carry two trucks. Understand?

I'm not saying being a half vamp sucks bad, but being a full vamp just has more advantages compared to a half. One thing best about being a half, you get to enjoy the sunlight FOREVER, unlike a full, which can only roam around the shadows and be scarce of the Sun for all eternity. What good in life is that? Another advantage of being a half is that you'll have a better chance to blend in with humans. Not many, well practically only a few people can actually tell apart a half. Their skin will not be as freezing as one of a full, and no matter how much blood they take, their Iris would always remain only a faint reddish colour.

A half vamp can still age a tiny bit, if that's what bothering you. Their aging are super slow that even after 5 years, you only seem to age a year more or so. But at least they age, so that they're still able to be part of the human society. Half vamps don't need that much blood like fulls. They still need to drink though, maybe twice in four months just to be on the safe side.

By the way, being a half vamp doesn't mean you can bare a child either. Whatever you are, a full, a half or a quater vamp, you're never going to have your own children. NEVER EVER. The vampiric ways doesn't roll like that. It's either you turn people, or they turn you. That's the only way to become one of the vamps. There is never going to be a 'vampire son', no matter what. Plus, it's kind of against the vamp laws to turn a kid with no specific reason.

So, there. If you got any questions or 'rebutals', I'm open for whatever. Just leave a comment or contact me on facebook.

Vampire Appearence

So, this is the second post about vamps. I've decided to use red for vamp talk. Let's talk about the outter appearence of vamps, shall we? Okay, as you know, vamps are obviously paled-skin human-like creatures. Apart from their pale, cold skin and being outrageously perfect-looking, it is almost impossible to tell apart humans and bloodsuckers. In my previous post about vamps, i mentioned that vamps are an anti-sunlight group, that sun ray can cause destruction of a creature of the night, well, it seems like some vamps can walk freely out in the day with not much clothing on and still not burn into ashes in 10 minutes. Am i wrong about my theories? NEVER! The vamps that are having fun in the sun are vamps, all right, but not a full vampire. Yes, there is such a thing as HALF vamp. Those are mainly the victims who were turned by either embracing the blood of a vamp due to accidental cause but not enough to turn them into a full vamp, or they were in contact with Sunlight when still in the changing process as sun rays obsord some of the vampiric 'cells' and blood in one who is still changing. So, it's not exactly ideal for people who wants to become a full vamp. But I'll get to the turning part in some other post. Now, let's just focus about appearence.

Vamps usually wear either red or dark coloured clothings 'cause of the natural fancy for dark coloured items. They're pretty much emo or gothic, but never forget, they look as perfect as an angel. A vamp chick would be the prettiest gal anyone would've seen and a vamp dude often takes gals' breath away no matter what. Some of the vamps who're evil often use their perfection to lure humans into traps and stuffs. So, if an angel comes up to you, it might just be your unlucky day, not the other way around.

Does a vamp has fangs? You bet. But they're not easily seen as a vamp can control whether to let the fangs grow out or sink right back in into their gums to avoid detection. The only time they really let out their fangs are when they're feeding or their instincts are giving them a hunch.

What about their eyes? Are they bloodshot? It depends on how much blood they tend to take when they're feeding. Too much blood cause their Iris to become bloody red. That's why vamps usually purchase a hell lot of contact lenses.

Long, razor sharp fingernails? Yes, some tradional ones whom believe in the old legend about vamps tend to not cut their nails for a century or two. But modern age vamps goes for pedicures, so yea.

Do they shapeshift? This is hard to tell. Lots of stories say that vamps have the ability to change themselves into bats. The truth, not really. It just depends on whose blood that turned one. If one's 'mentor' has the ability to do that, then he should no doubt, has the same thing too. It just travels through bloodline. Mostly, they just change to bats as that's how the legend is, i guess.

So, in conclusion, vamps don't really look much different than humans. Only a few minor differences here and there. It is indeed hard to tell apart both of them. Just flick on your alert mode more often, and you may just get lucky.